Panini Grill Is A Versatile Appliance In Your Kitchen

Grilling a simple snack of bread stuffed with cheese is irresistible. You can enjoy classic food recipes using the best Panini presses.

Kinds of Panini grills


Electric Panini’s are common types used, today. Panini Perfect is the best grill designed to heat quickly, when plugged. It includes 2 non-stick grill plates. You keep a sandwich on the bottom fixed plate and press the top adjustable floating plate.

You can apply even pressure on top plate, so as to accommodate any thickness of your sandwich. The electric panini press does include temperature control or an on/off switch. As soon as, the unit gets ready to grill, indicator light shines.


Stovetop Panini needs to be handled manually. The appliance is comprised of two sections. A frying pan equipped with raised ridges and separate sandwich press that has to be positioned on the sandwich top to apply pressure downward.

The stovetop Panini press is basically made from cast iron with enamelled finish. You can even find aluminium versions of stovetop Panini grills, which are lightweight.

Food you can enjoy with Panini grill

  • Quesadillas
  • Grilled bread for preparing croutons
  • Grilled cheese & stuffed sandwiches
  • Reheated pizza
  • Cooked bacon
  • Grilled chicken breasts

Helpful features of Panini grill are here

Grill plates – Electric models ridged with non-stick aluminium and stovetop models ridges with aluminium or cast iron

Grease catcher – grease or fat is channelled away to a drainage area from cooking surface

Controls – On very expensive electric models, you will get temperature control dials and on/off switch

Indicator lights – In an electric Panini maker red light shines, when you turn it on and green indicates ready-to-use

Pivoting handle – Rigid handle allows the adjustable top plate to rest evenly over the Panini, so heat spreads evenly on both sides.

Electric cord – You need to plug the cord in an outlet, while using. For storage just wind the power cord around the unit’s base.

Panini grill is a resourceful addition to your kitchen