Life Conversions Barnet – To Do or Not To Do

The trending thing these days is to convert your loft space into an extra room for gaming, guests, or a hang-out for your kids and their friends. Whatever the reason, it is undoubtedly a big project. So if you are wondering whether or not you should convert your loft, here are some great and compelling reasons to do so.

Space Optimization

The first and most obvious is of course optimizing the space. Instead of using the space as a dumpster for all those things you bought on an impulse and never used or the toys and books that your kids no longer look at, put the space to a more pragmatic use – if only to rent it out. The stuff in there can use some sorting anyway!

It’s Cheaper

Well it is cheaper than an extension anyway. Conventional extensions require taking in the porch or window, dealing with adverse conditions such as underground plumbing. This can cost you a pretty penny. Besides with an extension you probably need to set up the structure from scratch whereas with conversion the structure is already in place. So leave the windows and porch for your evening cuppa and use your loft to house guests or kids on vacation.

Its Just One Level!

With an extension, you will probably have to consider extending at all levels to maintain the structural shape of your home. Converting your loft gives you an additional level for free!

Make it your Den

Lofts that have a skylight make an excellent den, study, or office space. Moreover it’s away from the rest of the house so there is not much to disturb you – and you save on electricity to boot because the sky-light provides excellent illumination.

All Season Conversions

Loft conversions Barnet definitely have an advantage over traditional extensions as conversions are not necessarily dependent on the weather conditions – unless the roof requires rebuilding or you want to install a dome. Other than that work can continue no matter whether its rain sun or snow. Besides it doesn’t take that long anyway.

It’s your own Property

In most cases, no permissions are required from Town Planning or other government bodies for conversion of lofts. For this reason, conversions are much more easily done than extensions.

Sale Value

And let’s not forget the price upgrade your property gets after a conversion! If you are even considering a sale, converted lofts yield much more in terms of value than a loft space.

There are many benefits of converting your loft and once you have set your mind to it, it can be done quickly within a few days. There can be some hitches though so talk to your Barnet loft conversion contractor today!