Electronic Stethoscope: Upgraded Version Of Acoustic Stethoscope

Medical equipments are complicated to use and these can only be handled by the medical practitioners and the professionals. Among the wide range of medical equipments stethoscope is simplest one. It is the medical equipment that you can see with every doctor. It consists of the ear piece, connecting tube and the chest piece. Different types of stethoscopes are available for different types of diagnosis. Hence, the doctors can check out the right type of stethoscope according to their area of practice. Light weight stethoscope, cardiology stethoscope, classic stethoscope are the popular types of stethoscope that are available for medical use and more information about them is available at http://www.stethoscopelab.com/.

Electronic stethoscope

This is the advanced version of the Littman stethoscope and has been a new revolution in the medical industry. Not many medical practitioners have started using it because of its little bit complicated nature but it is very effective in auscultations. Generally the sound waves travelling to the ears through the traditional stethoscope are of very low level and sometimes the doctors miss them. Electronic stethoscope is helpful in overcoming the low sound level with its amplifying technology. It converts the sound waves into the digital signal which is transmitted through the circuit for better listening. Some of the electronic stethoscopes also have the feature to display the digital signals to make it easy for the doctors to read it. Some models of the advanced stethoscopes are even capable of recording and displaying the auscultation details of the patients that have been recorded during diagnosis. Hence, it helps the doctors to better understand the health condition and treat the patient accordingly.

Electronic Stethoscope for the cardiovascular system

Stethoscope is ideally not only for the respiratory diagnosis but also for the cardiovascular system. For the purpose of monitoring the blood flow, blood pressure, stethoscope kit is available in the market. It consists of the specialized stethoscope and sphygmomanometer to read the blood pressure level.  It has the inflation pump to check the blood pressure. It is also used during the cardiac arrest to know the patient’s condition. This type of stethoscope is available in the compact model with the storage box that makes it very easy for the doctors to store and use it. Nowadays, this type of stethoscope is widely being used by the doctors and nurses. Due to the special feature of ambient noise reduction, this type of stethoscope helps in clear listening of the digital sound waves. It even restricts the ambient noise from the patient’s body to reach to the ears.