5 Unique Ways to Promote Your Photography Business

4 Unique Ways to Promote Your Photography Business

If you are a photographer you have an easy job when it comes to creating content that you can share on your website, and/or social media channels as each photo you shoot justifies a new post. As long as you get permission from the client of course and most aren’t shy to give you that so you’re in good standing here. However, there’s more you can do than just posting some photos online so let’s have a look at our options.

Search engine marketing

Besides people searching in Google.com a huge amount of people use Google Images to search for photos. If you use the right alt and title tags when you post something on your website you can use this to attract a ton of traffic from there. Probably one of the easiest way to generate traffic in a steady increasing way. Another tact is to rank for the word photographer or photography with your city added to it. For example ‘Chicago photography’.

Video marketing

Although you’re not a videographer you can still turn those photoshoots into slideshows and upload it at Youtube, just make sure you are consistent in this as one video isn’t going to make much of a dent but if you keep doing this during your career you can build up an impressive portfolio to show your clients and at the same time share it with the rest of the world. Do make sure to use the description field to it’s fullest, and make clever use of captions and all the other options Youtube offers. Other popular video platforms are Vimeo and Twitch.

Instagram marketing

This is definitely the place to be for photographers as it’s all about sharing photos, each and every day. As a matter of fact most photographers start at Instagram to build their portfolio and manage to get a lot of clients from there that are amazed by the stunning photos you create so don’t leave this opportunity untouched. It’s very easy to grow a decent following if you have a few tricks up your sleeve. Take a look at fredharrington.com to see what I’m talking about.

Stock photo marketing

When you search for photos in Google Images have you noticed how often the same sites show up like Flickr and Shutterstock? These are the perfect opportunity to showcase your talent, especially for starting photographers and still make some money from it. Don’t try to sell the pictures you shoot for clients here though, but every photo that you shoot in your spare time is great to publish on those sites.