Big Game Hunting – Must Have Items

Big Game Hunting – Must Have Items

Soon, you’ll be heading out into the wilderness for big game hunting. It’s your first time, and you’re super excited. You can’t wait to showcase your hunting prowess! But hey! Big game hunting requires enough preparation. Most importantly, you must assemble the right equipment in good time.

Here’s what you need to ensure that your hunting trip is a success.

A Hunting Spotlight

Here’s the thing – locating animals in the thick vegetation at night isn’t the simple of tasks. It is, therefore, essential that you carry a hunting spotlight to provide illumination in the dark. That way, it is easier to locate and “see” the game you’re stalking.

Note that hunting spotlights came in a variety of models and types. Green lights, for instance, provide better clarity than their red counterparts. Why? Well, because the human eye is more receptive to green compared to red. Besides, you can choose between a wired and battery powered light depending on your needs. On that note, click here to learn more about hunting spotlights and the best choices on the market.

A Backpack

Of course, you will need to carry stuff during your hunting trip. A backpack offers a convenient way to transport things around. When looking for one, ensure that it provides enough space for your items. You’re better off with one that has a waterproof cover and padded shoulder straps.

Indeed, you’ll want something that can blend in well with vegetation, so pick a backpack that offers enough camouflage cover. On top of that, ensure that it can fit your small shotgun. And, it has to be lightweight – your hunting gear and equipment are heavy enough already!


These came in handy when hunting during the day. A pair of binoculars will allow you to zoom in animals and by extension enable you to make an accurate shot.

When scouting for optics, ensure that they’re rugged enough to handle the rigors of frequent use. You want a scope that has a robust outer casing that can’t break easily. Also, make sure that whatever you pick can deliver sharp images, even in low light.  Oh and, stick to small and light binoculars – one that can fit into your backpack.


There’s a host of GPS devices on the market. The choice of one over the other depends on how “old school” you are. Old hunters, for instance, may not have a problem using maps or compass. But, “modern” hunter will look for a GPS device that can offer directions at the touch of a button.

Latest models are compatible with smartphones, so you don’t have to keep your eye on the device all the time. A GPS can be a lifesaver, especially when you’ve left your hunting base during the day only to find yourself looking for directions in the dark.

A Tent

A successful big game hunting trip can take several days. Do you know what this means? It implies that you have to look for a place to shelter. At the very least you need a comfortable den to rest after a long day in the wilderness.

When looking for a tent, make sure that the fabric is durable, preferably canvas. On top of that, ensure that it is large enough to accommodate everyone in your entourage. You can pick several tents depending on the number of people planning to take the trip.

The ideal tent has to be lightweight. The last thing that you want is a huge tent that’s challenging to carry around in the woods. And yes, it must be waterproof to keep water at bay when it starts to drizzle.

Boots and Clothing

This one is a no brainer, right? Sure, but it essential to stress that you’re better off with non-insulated boots if you’re hunting in hot weather. Insulated boots are ideal for cold winter months. Make sure that you pick adequately padded boots to provide a reliable shock system.

Your clothing has to lightweight enough to allow you to move freely.  The level of warmth is a critical consideration as well. One more thing – ensure that your clothing provides the camouflage cover you need to go unnoticed.

With these items in place, you’re now ready for your first big game hunting expedition!