How to Market Your Business Online 101

How to Market Your Business Online 101

With all the tools and dashboards that you have at your disposal, it looks like marketing your business online is a breeze. Facebook has its own ad center, Google offers a webmasters panel as well as analytics and a highly detailed dashboard in Adwords where you can target users in multiple ways, ranging from pay per view, pay per click, banner ads, and a plethora of other choices like direct marketing, retargeting and so forth. It’s hard to see the trees through the forest so hopefully, we can shine some light on that.

Decide on a Platform

If you sell home-made meals you might be able to use both Google and Facebook, and specifically their geographic targeting options. However, if you are a lawyer there is no place for you on Facebook. No one wants to see their comment on a lawyers Facebook page as all their friends will see it as well so in that case, search engine marketing is much more appropriate because it’s anonymous. In case you are a travel blogger then a platform like Instagram would be more suitable for you as many other travelers hang out there that you can connect with.

Decide on a Strategy

It’s clear who you are trying to reach, the demographic that’s most likely to purchase your products or services so that’s not the question here. How to reach them is an important one. The only real way to find out is by simply trying multiple strategies to find out which converts best. If you have little budget to work with you might want to invest in bots to automate the bulk of work, like at Instagram for example, there are many sites that sell bots and Pixel Bin is no exception to that so the choice is yours. If you do have a large enough budget the fastest way to grow would be to apply paid advertising techniques. You already decided which platform is best for you so all that’s left is open the appropriate dashboard and start making and running ads.

Keep Track of Things

What many people fail to do is keeping track of things, you want to run many A-B split test to find out what works best. If that’s not your piece of pie you can outsource this to the many marketing agencies out there. Not keeping track of your conversions is the biggest pitfall there is and a recipe for disaster so this should be your first priority.